Saturday, 20 December 2008

"From a commercial point of view..

.. if Christmas did not exist it would be necessary to invent it" ~Katharine Whitehorn
First day back and it's all go in here. Gareth has been in here today holding the fort and keeping an eye out..

The first thing to greet me in my inbox was a Jayo and Rob joint effort..

Good work. Jackson pictured there slaving away to bring you all that new stock live on the store. Some items can't be brought to you there though. Huf items have always been in store only so I'm bringing new stuff to your attention here. The button up hoods we've had in before flew straight out. We have re-licked the grey and the black..

The shawl collar fleece was a nice piece too. Finished in the same heavy knit we received more but only in black..

The moleskin hats proved popular too. The green and burgundy re-lick..

Finally there is a new varsity jacket..

This was a firm favourite with Mr Skewis. We couldn't get it off him..

Easiest photo shoot I've ever had a hand in, the camera loves him..

The right honourable Tom Richardson passed by on his way to involve himself with the madness of yuletide consumerism. The photo shoot ended here..

Beautiful lighting but fearing I was no longer in control of my model I retired the alley cam. One last scoop I have for you before I sign off is this dvd..

We're the only store to have this in the U.K right now. It's £29.95. The two discs include the episdes with Dustin Dollin, Jason Dill, Kevin Long, Heath Kirchart, Mark Gonzales, Christian Hosoi, Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Jim Greco and more. It also contains the entire Wild Ride series and exclusive bonus episodes which feature Lizard King, Bryan Herman and Beagle. Pick one of these up as there aren't many left. Finally flared and the Stereo box set should be on your Christmas list too. Last shopping Saturday before Christmas, make the most of it

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