Thursday, 22 October 2009

Anarchic accountancy

In the not so distant past our accounts were handled by a different man who sat a Snooker cue poke away from Jackson in the Wild Wild West. Since parting ways a lot has happened. He is now a published author...

Here is a window into it's core from Mr Nash himself...

"Gangster threatiquette, "Ibiza Uncovered", Cilla's "Blind Date" if it
were held in a Police line up, an NHS nurse on the Casualty frontline,
Greek Myths, Oxbridge High Table and nightclub Foam parties? A guided
tour into the contemporary British soul, conducted by the presiding
Mother Spirit and an arse-slapping midwife. Avenging angels both. This
scurrilous and scabrous book not only peels away the sunburnt skin of
our hens, stags, booze cruisers and sex tourists, but delights in
jabbing fingers into the pus below. Wish you were anywhere but here ?"

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