Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Nolan's Cheddar

Seriously strong, as you would know if you have followed the Alley's re-directions to any John Nolan press. You would have seen his funny mouse...

Today he was hailed as a creative comedy genius. To check his tabloid coverage
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Yes John! Gorm showed me some bad press. An article about the Norwood park I've been bigging up of late exposed the views of some open minded local residents. This is a quote lifted from the article...

"Well thanks a bunch. Did anyone ask the residents of South Norwood if we want 26 year old aging kids on skateboards in our Rec??? NO is the answer here.

Don't encourage these wasters - tell them to get a job, buy their own house (preferably away from Croydon and South Norwood) and build their own play park in their garden"

Right on brother! See you tomorrow wasters

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