Sunday, 14 December 2008

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Many moons ago we received a shipment of Tiffany dunks. There was a huge furor surrounding these, a queue out the door, one in one out business. Only one pair was to be sold to each customer and I remember it being a Saturday. We were shipped a rogue shoe, it arrived solo without a partner. Unsure as to what to do with it and at the height of phone calls beginning without a hello (Often "tiffany dunk" was just blurted into the mouthpiece) Jackson made an executive decision. The shoe that had pained him thus far received a make over from a junior hacksaw hence todays title. This often commented upon item hangs above me while I type..

Why am I telling you this? Hoppy found a penny in the changing room and threw it at me. Luigi picked it up and began tossing it in the air. He did this a few times in a row, the fourth time the coin didn't come back down. Confused he looked up and deducted that it was lodged in the Tiffany dunk. It's all go in here as you can tell. What else can I tell you? A young boy was in with his mother and left disgruntled when no skateboard was purchased. "Do you want a sticker?" I asked thinking that might cheer him up. All I got back was a "No!" I guess some people know what they want. Tomorrow I am taking a break with my brother and family. I'm going here..

Yep you guessed it, Center Parcs. I intend to spend most of my time in here..

Steam rooms, swimming and a couple of good books. The alley is on tour so any updates next week will be sporadic or non existent. Normal service will resume next weekend so I'll greet the blog fresh faced for the Christmas rush then. Have a good week.

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stephenkeable said...

rad, you forgot to mention the rambo-ing of the laces!