Sunday, 22 March 2009


Here's the Jake's Alley game of skate highlights from today..

Nothing went down out there this afternoon. Picking food from this attractive menu was my first error today..

I opted for the chicken burger but thay had run out so I asked for six wings and finished four because I started to feel unwell. I think that was around the time Luigi told me that the kitchen looked like something out of the film Saw. Henry asked for a couple of patty's. Unfortunately the lady dropped the second and last one on the floor leaving Henry with half a lunch. We live and learn. We had a good surprise visit from the Pizzers. Jacob gave Baron's head a chew..

and had a fine old time playing with skateboards and wheels..

He showed us his new walking skills too. We've missed our Pizzer interactions. If you have too you can keep up to speed with his movements here..

Have a wonderful mothering Sunday

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