Thursday, 12 March 2009


I re-visited this childhood favourite today. Picked up a pack on the way home from seeing The Watchmen. My dinner and entertainment both delivered. Whilst talking about food I feel I should bring you a sound-byte overheard from Charlie yesterday. "Oi I've had a fry up, half a pack of biscuits, Bodean's and a pint! What time is it?" It was two o clock. I was painting at the time. Our basement is really shaping up which is good as tomorrow night is the opening of the Nike SB pop up store. It seems to have really jogged everyones curiosity. Read what the good folk over at Crooked Tongues have to say about it..

There's a good mention on Hype beast too..

Blowing up. Hopefully see all of you here for the grand un-veiling. Finally thank you one and all for your gifts, cards and kind words yesterday. I had a great time

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