Monday, 2 March 2009

“Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.”

-Bo Derek. She meant to say they hadn't been to Slam

Super late post today, my apologies. Yesterdays also wasn't much cop but I had been attending my friend V's new boy Rocky's Christening. Took a good shred piece today at Rochester with Dan and Johnny L. Mrs L said she hadn't looked at the blog for a while so hopefully by the time she does there'll be a story for her. Another one of those daily events I have deemed worthy of sharing.

It was the middle of a busy Saturday in Slam. The things which make us really busy usually occur in the first half of the day. People shopping for boards makes it feel busier because someone is spending a fair amount of time with each customer and then gripping or assembling skateboards while one person deals with the till and another helps with shoes. Clothes shoppers are the lowest impact, once they are aware you're eager to help with other sizes they are happy to rummage until this eventuality arises. Feeling free to rummage is important I think.
Hardware sales had lulled somewhat come four o clock which is when replenishing and repairing the aftermath of past rummages happens. Perhaps one person was trying on shoes in the middle of the store. I noticed a girl enter the store followed a few paces behind by her boyfriend. They were greeted and then made their way downstairs. A "Psshhhttt" rang out and Luigi quickly joined them. Minutes past and they emerged from his clutches. I began to observe what was going on. "Look at this one" "No I don't like it" "What about this?" "No I don't like it" "This?" answered only with a shrug. His girlfriend was keen something be purchased. "Look at the skateboards, you used to skate didn't you?" "Yeah" Some more rails were purposefully jostled through. The boyfriends brain I imagined to contain a massive ornate clock with the seconds ticking past painfully one by one.
Sensing failure I watched the girl lead her boyfriend out of the store. Although he didn't make it and was very composed and patient I could almost feel the sigh of relief. Another one down. Seven is the absolute latest this can end. She jumped down the step and he went to follow but was nudged back through the door as she jumped back inside. She stooped down and scooped up two free magazines then jumped down the step again. Whilst still inside he looked at me, saw acknowledgement in my eyes raised his towards heaven and followed her out the door.

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