Sunday, 8 March 2009

"I've had crazy visions"

Did you ever notice that Ghost face's crazy visions broken down would result in a navy blue and cream pair of Clark's? Dan overheard some real visionary goings on last night. He was stood outside the pub when a crew of West London youths approached. The sound-byte in an affected London dialect was "Oi imagine a roast potato yeeeeah, but all wrapped up in Kentucky fried chicken skin!" See I laughed when I heard this but got around to thinking, that would actually be amazing! They carried on walking unaware they were in the midst of a man sat on a gold mine. He needs to call up the Colonel. I've since found out that this is one of Morph's culinary delights. He takes skin off the neighbourhood chicken, ditches the bird and wraps up his fries. Ahead of his time Morph is. I've just been informed that Chicken cottage is the best for this or another spot called Sam's.
Our beacon of hope today is wrecking ball Luigi! I was going to put up a picture of him skating but instead here's one of another hobby of his. He's pictured here enjoying a halo squad battle with his brother..

He's left his head set at home and is gearing up for his imminent game. I'll bring you pictures tomorrow


Glass said...

Wasn't it Ghost saying that bit about crazy visions for clarks? Maybe I'm wrong. Shit, now one of us looks bad - maybe delete this eh?

"All you dye is this shit right here!"

Jakes Alley said...

You're right, no deleting just correcting.
Glad I looked back.