Monday, 16 March 2009

Imelda Marcos..

Is a nickname I earned for having the largest amount of footwear in our household. You can never really have too many shoes though, they're like jackets. When it comes to shoes to skate in though there's always been some kind of problem. I have a difficult size so when you do find something good there's often no re-lick in sight so you have to do them to death. I have had this problem of late. An earlier post mentioned my recent shoes but I felt todays skate worthy of giving them some more air play. These are in my humble opinion the best skate shoe out..

They have the right amount of support but aren't too chunky as is often the case, they stay like that too-no getting floppy. Also they are good straight out of the box which is always a bonus. Give a pair a test drive is my advice.

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