Friday, 13 March 2009

"I need to carry hair gel with me at all times now..

..otherwise it could be disastrous!"-Joe Underwood
The reason for this dilemma? A new hair colour. Here Joe premieres his new colour and our new summer of 88 colourway..

On top of the Tee re-up we have hardware for the first time in ages. The boards look sick!..

I like this new range of Deathwish boards the Slugger fam had us delivered this morning..

This guy has been keeping people out of the basement while the Nike SB shop has literally been popping up...

He won't have to stand in the way for long because this guy has been hard at work down there..

Yes Badger! It's really taking shape now. Jackson and Gorm are collecting the beer, see you later on to open some.

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