Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday service

Yesterdays high octane pace has been maintained today, On top of new products leaving the store at a fast rate a new Jake's Alley game of skate went down. You'll get to see it in the middle of the week. This was the match up..

John Tanner vs Henry Edwards Wood drawn by our artist in residence Rob Mathieson. He is always on point with a likeness. Our host was caffeinated for the showdown..

Here's the mandatory Ches filming stance photo..

Today's challenge had a definite Henry Edwards Wood projects theme..

Before I get back to the pop up shop fuelled activity we have going on in here I'll bring you one more picture Rob captured. He always has a go at snapping some shots of contenders mid trick. None have really come off yet. This is mostly because the Alley cam has a slight delay between the flash and the picture being taken so there's a timing issue. Luckily Tanner's levitation technique meant there was more than enough time in the air for some nollie flip evidence..

My day off is looming, looking forward to getting out in the good weather.

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