Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Many hands

My folks were called out to my Grandmothers house earlier this evening. The heater had apparently given up the ghost. One twenty minute drive later and they soon got to the root of the problem, that pesky switch next to the plug had been pressed. This reminded me of a story.
Pizzer was hired a long time back now to tackle the many problems building in the Slam store. He went from moving to London and a vacancy at the warehouse to managing the shop in a very short period of time. One of the problems he saw which needed addressing instantly was storage. Cardboard boxes full of shoes and clothes needed housing and ideally off the shop floor. Shelving was tweaked and space made but still after all the consolidating possible he found himself in the middle of a storage crisis. It was at this point, the end of his tether that he asked in desperation.."Surely there must be somewhere we can put this stuff..is there no space available downstairs?" Some thought went down and then "Well there is a cupboard" "Why didn't you mention this before? How come you haven't been using it all this time?" "We would have but there's no light down there"
Pizzer did some investigative work after this tip off. The cupboard space he found in the basement of Rough Trade was just perfect for housing the accumulated debris upstairs and the imminent drop of new shoes. It was almost like it was tailor made. The only down side to this was that the void which greeted him was as reported in absolute darkness. It took Pizzer a torch and a new lightbulb to furnish us with the storage cupboard that served us well until a couple of years ago.

Problem solving like this is alive and well in here, did I tell you about the time the PDQ machine broke and we fixed it with a fuse from Hoppy's kettle? I don't think I did.

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