Tuesday, 10 March 2009

You get to shred at work?

I do, far less enjoyable than the Stockwell shred-piece I enjoyed yesterday though. We have a new machine..

I've shredded a refuse sack worth already. The word power is a bit much, it gives up the ghost every time it gets warm. Thought I'd update the Alley while it gathers more power for the next session. The Nike shop is taking shape downstairs and we have new product arriving in it's honour. This is available online right now. Amongst it is what is in my opinion the best SB Nike have made. This is my favourite colour so far too..

Keep an eye on our news page for more Nike info as we have it. Are you looking forward to seeing this guys game?..

I am. He was facing Jak and a boom..

Sam Ashley was in attendance..

Finally here's a pre-action shot Rob took..

Winding up for a 720 nollie I reckon. I think this game will be up tomorrow, it was a really good one so be sure to check the site. I'm sure now after four episodes that this is what I'll be doing for the next few months..

There's a signal going out there today..

It's not one of us looking for someone to shred with this time. The session is a little different. Lets see how well the Alley works when it comes to looking for recruits. Friends of ours are involved in making music videos. One of the new videos they are working on requires a skateboarder. Anyone out there who has heeded that sign in the night sky and is aged 15-18 should listen up. You would need to be of a good standard, un-sponsored and up for skating/acting in a video. Top dog Stu Bentley will be making the video so nobody will be saying "Hey dude can you do us a Mctwist" or telling you about Tony Hawks. Stu might do if you ask. There is no money but the featured skateboarder will receive a decent package from Soletech. If this is of interest to you please e-mail your photograph and contact details to nick@ptemedia.com

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EJR said...

jacob? is that you? you write good fella. the wire, oh boy, go easy, take your time and savour.