Friday, 27 March 2009

Thank Crunchie

I'm looking forward to an all you can eat steak dinner with Mr Wilson tonight. He is by far my favourite person to eat with and I have front row seats! Just kidding Matt, it's going to be an Asterix and Obelix affair I can tell. What's new in here? You may have gathered there's new SB product through the door. One of the surprise highlights is the dunk based on this board..

We have a size break so hurry if you missed out on round one. The likeness is spot on..

I linked you up to Chris Pulmans new blog recently. Knowing the kind of thing I'm psyched on he turned my attention to his favourite word space on the net right now, apart from the Alley of course. It is called Boil The Ocean and has a clip of this guy..

It has a nice sequence of him from Tampa just gone. Have a look for yourself..

Always interesting. If you still want more..

Cheers for the input Pizzer, it's definitely angled todays post. Chris' blog will appear just after this post in the extended family section to your right. As will the new web space owned by Robbo. Here's an example of his work..

Yes Michael J Fox! Expect more polaroid activity as he scans it. Stay updated here..

One more Cuban Link for you before I go. Our friend John AKA The Nolan worked really hard on the coming Spike Jonze film Where The Wild Things Are. It's going to be amazing!..

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