Tuesday, 17 March 2009

“Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"”

Robin Williams said that. He also said..“When you look at Prince Charles, don't you think that someone in the Royal family knew someone in the Royal family?” Robin Williams is a funny man. He's bang on about Spring though, it makes you itchy to get out there amongst it. Rob's enjoying one of the first skate breaks of the year. We here are ready to equip you as Spring escorts us into Summer. I figured I'd give you a seasonal guide through our stock. It's around this time of year I always think chino's are a good idea. We have that Dickies work wear in here for you in tan, chocolate and black..

At just £39.95 a trouser piece experiment this Summer needn't be so much of a wrench either. New trousers may require a footwear re-up. These two Nike SB's are in the spirit of things..

Now the bottom half of your body is in line you better check beneath your feet..

These have been flying out of the door. I think my next board will be the white and tiffany (I think we're alone now) one. Now we need to address your upper body, first port of call is a Slam tee. New colours..

Everyone's favourite T shirt brand has a full range back in here. Toby Shuall's Suburban Bliss on the regular..

Come and give the range a once over. New We product hit the rails today, all of it ready for the Summer..

This short sleeve, polo and jacket will be live on the site tomorrow morning. Jackson has it ready to go, consider this a sneak peek. They have also brought us new tees..

The store is full of colour and nature's telling us to party. I'm sure that phonetic We graphic on the right won't stop the frequency of Wesk requests in here. Has Rough Trade moved?

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