Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Music nerd stuff

When there's not a lot else going on bar skateboarding, the Wire, Lost etc there is usually some kind of music nerd activity. Robbo coined this phrase in reference to my hobbyism. What have I got for you today? Not too long ago I spoke about us seeing Laura Marling play. Her boy Johnny Flynn had a good album out last year..

This was one of Charlies favourites and consequently one of Neil Barons least favourite. This album I like a lot and it often gets a play out. Here's a taste and a video for you..

We're going to see him play later on this evening. Henry got me a sick book for my birthday following up my new late night Wire routine..

I'm hoping for a decent length holiday this year to give this the deserved attention. One post past mentioned me going to see Justin Townes Earle with my father. His last album "the good life" has grown on me a lot since that gig. My dad picked up the new one yesterday..

I'm already enjoying it rattling around in my pod. We had a good steak dinner the other night as an early celebration of the Wilsons birthday. The actual date is today so..

Hopefully he's out there on the streets enjoying Kates itinerary as I type. That's it for today. We only got 50% of our Luigi fix this weekend past. He was under the weather with a cold on Sunday. We all felt really sorry for him until our super sleuth skills found this picture on Facebook..

Night fishing will do it to you.

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