Saturday, 13 September 2008

Dave the movie

Dave the movie is a work in progress. This is episode one. Filmed on Dave cam which lives inside Dan's phone. Random bits of footage compiled on our travels. There's a lack of Dan is part one. It features me and Steve and the after dark hammer is courtesy of Andy May. Filming for Dave part two has commenced so stay tuned. I recommend you go to the bar at the bottom of this clip and hit full screen toggle.

James dropped by today bearing gifts. Carhartt launched their Vans collabo today. They did a Chukka and a Half Cab in the classic Carhartt canvas. French has an exhibition too. To read more and look around visit here..

The package is sick, if you want some I'd hurry there aren't many. They come in a brown canvas bag..

The sole is red..

and the shoe looks banging..

Thanks a lot James I think these will accompany me on my holiday next week. As you may have noticed from Dave episode one my world has been filled with a lot of skatepark activity. Charlie Young meanwhile has been keeping it real on the regular. Gentleman and scholar sir Tom Richardson AKA Rum Coke kindly sent me this shot of Charles.

He backside noseblunt slides a neglected corner at Elephant where only a Jensen would dare set foot and board. One can Van Damme just brought me back my lunch from the cafe I no longer set foot in so I'm Swayze for now. I hope you suck the marrow out of your saturday.

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