Friday, 16 January 2009

George Powell..

..isn't going to be sending this guy an email any time soon to let him know his bearings are competition standard..

A visitor left his set up here before a flight home due to our Winter weather's effect on his rig. This is what happens when you ride that board in the wet. If these noises are all too familiar and you're in the market for some slightly less spooky sounding bearings check out Pizzers good advice from yester-year..

If you took all of that in then I'm sure you'll be rushing here..

It's a Hops heavy weekend we have on the go. He's in here as we speak, fuelled by Monster and shifting some sale shoes out of the basement. Rob's been studying Hopsisms this past week. His studies have reached the conclusion that him and Ed are the same human being..

Whilst mulling this over he also discovered that Rory's Spiderwick chronicles gift he received last birthday was also a doppelganger..

For your Hops fix glance to your right and click on Hogs Hogs Hogs Hogs.

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