Friday, 9 January 2009

Slept on..

..this for a while now..

It sat by my bed for nearly a year and has been in two suitcases never to be un-shrink wrapped. One things for sure, from now on I'm throwing seven different kinds of smoke! One album I've rinsed during this sick spell is this..

The album is called "Drill a Hole in that Substrate and Tell Me What You See" and it's by Jim White. It has one of Neil Baron's favourite songs ever on it. That's an accolade for you if you needed one. Every album has it's memories, some you call on when you feel a certain way. Sometimes you think of a time or place and bang in the middle of that is the album which soundtracked your time there. This one has seen some mileage, if I had to liken it to a person maybe it would be the family dog, sniffing about for the last four years. If you're wondering I did that on purpose, dogs think they're people. Why am I telling you this? You me and Dupree sat there for a year and a half. Next in line at a little less than a year is one of the best road trips I ever enjoyed. It's called Searching for the wrong eyed Jesus, it's a film by Andrew Douglas and it's narrated by the family dog..

Captivating stuff, a real journey and as you may imagine it has a good soundtrack too. One thing this sickness has been good for it seems is tying up those loose ends, if you can call watching two dvd's doing that. You should see my book pile, the size of it is ominous. January is the best month to make a dent I suppose, it's time to give that ipod a rest.

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