Saturday, 31 January 2009

Spring cleaning

Henry suggested I take a photo of one of my inbox's. Here's evidence I never throw anything away. It's so far out of control the spring clean would be more like a house move..

Errors occurred last night. At one point in the evening I found myself flying pretty fast down the road on a borrowed fixed gear bike. Everything was going swimmingly until the thing bucked like a donkey when I locked my legs up and spat me up and off it into the pavement. Suffice to say I'm aching right now. A dangerous game to be playing. I was most surprised to see Hops rock up on a fixed gear..

Looks like some games of skate are going to fill that alley soon. Shaun Witherup is injured pretty badly right now. It looks like his game won't be going down. We're petitioning for Luigi to take that space. Any comments on what you think about this are most welcome. Here's a direct quote from the man himself-"I'll just do five tricks that nobody else can do......hmm what could those be?" See he has a game plan and everything. Give the guy a break..

Steady repping Slam with that heelflip catch.

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