Monday, 5 January 2009

High Brow

Weather has rendered me within the four walls of my house for over a day now. That's not entirely true actually as we took down a Harvester yesterday. I spent my day time wisely looking for music and ingesting films I've had my eye on. I remember reading and liking the novel choke by Chuck Palahniuk. The film adaptation was true enough to the book I felt. Angelica Huston is very well cast. The beauty of the film is how ridiculous the story is to begin with. Three stars i reckon..

The next film ticked some boxes for me. Funny man of the moment Seth Rogen as the main character and directed by Kevin Smith. I know Kevin Smith films have the Marmite effect. With the exception maybe of Clerks 2 I'm backing his body of work. If you like me enjoy his films you should give this a go. It contains usual Smith fodder including the ever faithful Jason Mewes and a healthy Star Wars reference. Four stars..

Barry Norman signing off. Still snow on the floor outside, may be some more film reviews to come!

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