Sunday, 18 January 2009

"it's big out here!"

South London was in the house today for the proceedings you'll be seeing as the next week progresses..

Many men showed up and were captivated..

Lev was master of ceremonies as before..

The ends were represented, Jonny L was on the pap snaps..

Harmon was in the house..

He left his bike with all the others and I assisted Rob in it's obvious re-location..

Last weeks referee made it two weeks in a row..

I'm pretty sure that every skateboard event I've ever been to in this country has had a Cates in attendance. Referee this week on loan from Raggotech headquarters was Micky Worthless..

He made the journey up in Alex's pimped out Range Rover to show his support for the lion of Norwood..

That's right.. big Marl's. If you watched those names being drawn out the hat you'd know he was up against Magee, fresh back from another trip..

Ches was stoked how everything worked out and did a good job catching everything that went down..

Laughs were had..

Chad Powers showed up to meet our celebrity ref..

The other unexpected face off was between these two..

Keep those eyes firmly fixed on the site to see exactly what went on, exciting stuff. Just got a surprise visit from Ms Crome which is always a pleasant surprise. An interview was going on downstairs so she had to hold it down somewhat but normal service has resumed. I asked her to bluetooth me a photo of herself from her i-phone so the Alley knew she was in attendance today. While she was puzzling over a way of doing this I snapped this one instead..

See you in the week

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