Thursday, 22 January 2009

Journey through time

Come voyage with me. Henry Kingsford gave me the heads up on one of the best blogs ever. It's called the Chromeballincident. On it lives a massive array of pictures from years gone by. Amazing old photos of everyone any good. All the Menace ads, Stranger, Carrol, Oyola, Keenan, Pupecks. All round killer no filler, get yourself looking, there's something for everyone. If the smattering of pictures below I lifted from there don't have you clicking the link below them and wasting the best part of the day I don't know what will..

Get lost in the past..

I threw that rat signal out there last night to get some skating in today. I went to sleep and it was raining. I woke up and it was raining. I then got a re-vamped rat signal in my inbox. I threw it out into the night sky and guess what?..

See you at the skate park

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