Friday, 23 January 2009

"Where no wood is, the fire goes out;...

so where there is no tale bearer, the strife ceaseth.”
That's a quote straight out of the Bible. The fire is on in here and the tale I'm bearing is that the board wall is fully stocked for you this weekend. Here's the UK wall..

The American board wall looks good too. Check out that Alien row at the bottom..

All this stock is live online so get involved. If you make it into the store you'll be able to pick up one of these free dvd's if any are left..

It's got top boy Andrew Brophy on it. Looking into my crystal ball I can pretty much predict that as of tomorrow he will be holder of the World's highest Ollie record. London misses you Brophy. Another man missed from London's scenery is this guy..

Snowy has some hammers that didn't make it into his Horizons part brought to you live by the Gza. Visit the Landscape site below..

It's like an extra part, click on what looks like a Quicktime clip and it will load the podcast straight into your itunes. Snowy is wandering around the streets of Panama right now hopefully in a man fron Del Monte outfit blissfully unaware this video is being podcast into your machine. If you get a chance to listen to this guy you should..

He's Steve Earle's son. I'm going to see him play a show tonight with my dad. Toddy has the cover of this months Kingpin..

He loves jumping into awkward little banks, it's hard to stop him. If all goes to plan I'll have some more Toddy exposure for you next week before he sets sail for the States again. There's a charity shop on the way to my train station, when time is on my side I pay it a visit before the train. I picked this up this morning for 10p!..

I have a copy but whenever I see anything good in there I liberate it. This copy found a good home with Robbo who's game of skate against Shier on the world stage is live. Check it here..

Rob has been obsessing about the little green Hops. I was away for a day and came back to a grip of clips he's filmed with him which I'll be bringing you periodically. This was the first one he made with a genius smooth rotating dolly action. It's the Hops morph..

The weekend is nearly with us. I'll be seeing you in here

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