Tuesday, 20 January 2009

"I had lunch with a chess champion the other day..

.. I knew he was a chess champion because it took him 20 minutes to pass the salt"-Eric Sykes.
Twenty minutes is a minor interruption compare to the absolutely crippling indecision I experience for at least an hour come lunchtime. My head right now is weighing up those options. The wolf was kept from the door the other day by a ghetto snack entry from an unknown benefactor..

Keep those coming in by the way. That nutty snack tided over a similar period of indecision, maybe your entry could do the same. One topic of conversation enjoyed with increasing regularity this past few weeks has been the games of skate going on in the alley outside. This week will be a good watch. The first game will go up on Wednesday. Who will take it?..


Everyone's been training it up it seems. Bad weather meant training was sought yesterday via a sporting outlet here..

It was the best fun ever and I can't wait to go again. This week will also see the other game that was played out live on the site. Who will win out of this guy?..

and this guy?..

See Shier's not shy of a bit of sports action either. I lifted that photograph straight from this guy..

and received this day old photo from Henry Kingsford earlier today. To see what pictured cyclist has been up to look on your right where the extended family list lives and click on Ches. He's been running things. Always keen to improve the efficiency of our retail operation we came in early and studied this retail training video. I'll show you this much but I don't want to leak out any other secrets..

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