Friday, 30 January 2009

“Wine is bottled poetry.”

Robert Louis Stevenson said that. I have another relevant wine label fresh in from another cinematographer. This came from Chris Massey..

Two steps up from Peckham spring. Some freshly re-badged bottles of booze lubricated last night's proceedings..

I wasn't here for the Cliche premiere but I'm sure the increasing volume of Brophy footage circulating will leave no doubt in people's minds that he is the most naturally gifted skateboarder on Earth. Him and Karl Watson. The turn out was good and the beer arrived courtesy of Mathieu and Matt via the Brophy DVS affiliation..

Rory and Billy were in attendance..

Edson was fresh back from the North and blinded by the city lights..

Toddy figured it would be rude not to go out..

This photo of Jackson reminds me of the old one he had playing French's trumpet for some reason..

Niall and Dave brought South London to meet Matt Anderson..

Finally the litmus test of a good event, one of them. Mr Dan Henshaw who is also feeling the new Springsteen album..

From what I heard the video went down really well. We have new wood for you this weekend. Some from Girl and Chocolate..

This Girl series is my favourite..

By the time you read this we'll have new DLX boards for you too. All the new Anti-Hero boards are on route. My dad brought my attention to a leaflet distributed by the NHS yesterday. The leaflet was dealing with people who have depression. Check the typo on the last bullet point-apologies for the camera phone. Whoever proof read this probably won't be proof reading again..

Finally Robbo caught some live footage of fellow blogger Hops in action..

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