Saturday, 24 January 2009

"Tim Wayward"

That's what my friend Steve shouts when a darts error occurs. All round Don, original wayward and Palace founder has a new project we're proud to make available to you. Here's a photo of Edson and Floyd I borrowed from Phraeza..

The project is a zine called Persian rugs..

Get involved, there's 100 made! They're only two pounds and contain Palace themed articles, stories from Stuart and Wolfboy, questions with Joey. Rob got Edson to number his 1/100. This seemed like a good idea. I got him to number mine 1/100 too. We sold a lot of Heroin boards today. This guys board is his last pro model..

His board explains it being his last on the top and has a positive message for y'all..

Yes Pizzer! Another zine made by a friend contains more of Chris's words of wisdom, they open the latest installment in fact. This zine is not a tangible one like Persian rugs but you can turn the pages with a click of your mouse. Check the new Tweaker here..

This Saturday feels like an old one, busy busy better go. Speak to you tomorrow

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