Monday, 12 January 2009

A perfect day to chase tornados

Maybe harping on about the same thing will make you rush out and buy a Jim White album, maybe it won't. Let me tell you about when I bought that "drill a hole in that substrate album.." It was 2004 when that came out. Jim White had just played an in-store in the basement of Rough Trade. When I came downstairs to buy his album he was signing them and the one I have says "American by Default" and is signed Jim White. It's nice having things like that. Having listened to that all of the other day and after watching the film Searching for the wrong eyed Jesus I decided to buy his 1997 release "The mysterious tale of how I shouted Wrong Eyed Jesus" from a site I often use..

It greeted me this morning, the site is prompt like that. I opened it and had a look. Occasionally I'll buy a used disc and it will have a promotional sticker on it, this copy was promotional but oddly the for promotional use only info was gilt embossed onto the cover. I hadn't looked through the liner notes until now but have been accompanied by the disc all day long. Imagine my surprise when I flicked through the inlay and on the back page in red pen was simply "Hey" again signed by Jim White. Little things like this stoke me out, something had to today with all this foul weather going on.

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