Tuesday, 22 April 2008

All quiet...

on the Western front as far as DVD's go. We have a re-stock of the last batch of Traffic VIA so if you haven't got your hands on one now is the time. It's £5 and it's amazing. Another good DVD which is recent is the Baghead Flats one made by Ben Powell and Rye Gray form Sidewalk magazine. We had a premiere of it here in the shop...

This too is £5. Starring Doug Mclaughlan, Ben Grove, Josh Young, Jason Brown, Danny Beal, Andy Scott, Joe Lynsky and Mike Wright. It's well worth a watch, come and pick them both up!

This website isn't much fun, you definitely shouldn't check it out..


You can do stuff like this..

and like this..

There's a lot of options on there so give it a bash. I had a good Nando's last night, Magee has given me the heads up on what their Vietnamese branch is like..

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chas one said...

If you want to check out more things Star Wars related, I suggest you check out the Welsh dubbed version. Taff Wars.

it's a bit rude like.

chas one