Saturday, 19 April 2008

Basil the Rat

It's a rat themed post today. Here's a dead one..

Well it's not really a rat it's a mouse but close. This guy guards the pillar in the shop like a gargoyle. Rob and Charlie found him on a late night Halloween escapade

The reason for this is to bring your attention to the rats in Rob's t-shirt. It's been flying out. The picture doesn't do the rats justice...

It's £24.95 and there's only a few left so be quick. You're wondering about the cup right? Well unfortunately this is the state of play..

The cup is gone! So there are no updates about it's contents. Rob captured the last thing seen of the cup. Someone used the grotty hot chocolate left overs to write half a tag on the floor..

Very resourceful! These boards are the most noteworthy new additions to the wall, check the other new boards in the news section. I'm just throwing these two out there...

The Berard board is pretty funny at least I thought so. You can see a little of the hologram action on the Death anniversary board brought on by the flash. Both of these are £39.95

Uh oh!! Two of these bad boys plus Mario Kart on the Wii is danger! Nintendo have provided us with what is already the video game equivalent of Crack but new and improved with the bonus steering wheel action to get fully involved. Expect shouts of joy from living rooms everywhere. See you next summer!

This guy!! It's his art show next thursday and you better be there!

Be sure to drop by then..Spray painting cockroaches is one way of advertising I suppose

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