Thursday, 24 April 2008


Our bagel chomping friend Toby Shuall has emptied his brain everywhere and you need to come and see it to believe it. There is a man made of leaves in the window!!

Here is some existing evidence of Toby's mind on the wall in front of me..

He's bloody everywhere! he's on the Gonz's shoulders behind me!

The show is in here now and the opening party is here tonight at the shop then it's going on for a party at the Macbeth in East London. You are cordially invited to both events..

You can check out some of Toby's fresh Suburban Bliss garms while you're here, he has his own rail..

They're available on the online store too, peep them here..

I'm going to give you a little teaser of what you can expect to see downstairs

They are pretty amazing and there are loads more, Toby is running it, he makes jewellery too. You've never seen him skate? Are you kidding me?

That is enough gaying off about Toby for one day however you have to come down tonight and check the show out and then bug out to the musical selections made by Winnie Wootah Whitter, Will Bankhead and Mr Shuall over in the East.
Another lover of leaves paid us a visit today namely Mr Will Ainley. He gave the shop a CD, one of the many mixes he makes. Pure reggae flavour..

He's named the mix "Mi house bun down"

This is because the first track by Nezbeth is about his house burning down, what a bummer. See you all in here later.

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