Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Refused entry!

Charlie walked straight in but muggins here was left outside. I'm sure the bouncer remembered me as the guy laughing while Nugget mooned him last time we were there. "How long till we get in?" asked Jackson, "to be honest mate you're not coming in!" was the reply. Scumbags! Bouncers are the worst. Charlie was putting this in everyone's pocket yesterday, Jackson was rocking it for a bit whilst doing some mail order..

His old board is haggard so he's set up a new one. Asked me to find the skinniest board with the most tapered tre flip tail so I found him the Marcus Mcblunted, the plastic piece was weaing off the old trucks so those are new too..

The story above is only partially true but that any of it is may surprise you. Jerome from Shiner dropped a copy of a rollerblading mag in with Rob's box. Imagine our shock when we found out that Yap's been leading a double life!!


Every year Seven Dials make a guide to shopping in the area. This year the cover of that guide is our shop front.

The only person to get back to me after the heads up on that face in the hole website was Massey. He was stoked on it and sent us this sick picture of Adrian French the Extra Terrestrial..


admin said...

that killed a tuesday in here jake. thats lil reece that skates for the shop.



semchumbo98 said...

Too much fun! :)