Friday, 11 April 2008

What's new?

quite a lot in here! Loads has turned up in the last day or so. I'm about to bombard you with product news, I know you like that. To soften the blow here's a picture of a massive cat..

This is what's on the pillar right now..

A brand new Slam shirt with a Henry Kingsford photograph of St Pauls is already leaving the door.

This new Slam shirt features the "S" we let loose on it's own first of all on our New Era. It's filled with rats! The picture here doesn't really do it justice, you should come in and have a look. The rats were drawn by Rob Mathieson.

Original Invincible! A brand new design here for you on a white shirt.

This is what I got up to yesterday. My friend John is making a short film with his bad boy camera. It was a lot of fun, I got blasted in the face with a fire extinguisher.
On top of these new shirts our own Penfield bag came in. It's sick, here are some images to get you interested..

It's a messenger sized satchel..

Filled with bloody bears!! They're £44.95. We got some Penfield jackets i'm stoked on too. They look like this..

The jacket is called Full Spin, it's a good wind breaker for that summer we've been promised. It's £56.95. There's other Penfield stuff, a wax jacket and a shirt and two back packs, check the site for more info. The DVS video will be kicking off downstairs in half an's taken a long time to get around to an alley update today, apologies. This is what you're doing next wednesday..

Rick Jagger's career never really took off in the way it was supposed to, it's been rumoured he's showing up though. Rumours have been flooding in of some Tamzig ukelele action too.

Ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?

These bin bags obviously have..

Wrong day, wrong time. That's how those bin men roll out West! Have a good weekend

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