Saturday, 12 April 2008

Chicken Joe

Uno momento... It's saturday. Everyone seemed to enjoy the DVS video, I didn't see it, I was upstairs. Looking forward to seeing it though. I want to see this too. You should totally watch this..

One of the good things about it being saturday is that you get to hit this guy with the Tonite foam hands Gareth brought in..

Luigi is the man of many nick names, or neck names if you like. Two young girls came in the other day enquiring about Uncle Luigi's sale rail. The stuff of legend. How did he earn the neck name?

It's good looking through old photos. We found this one. At some Cliche signing ages ago Brophy signed this kid's head.

There's been a cup perched on the window sill outside for two weeks now. That earns it a place on the Alley for time spent in the alley. This is what we see when we walk out the door..

We'll keep you in the loop as to it's progress. This is what it looks like inside..

Must have been a hot chocolate.

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