Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Goonies never say die

The shop is full of stuff, new stuff, loads of Nikes, new RVCA stock, it's all happening right now. The new blueprint boards have come in and flown straight back out, here' s a pick of the few we have left. These are the new Shapeshifter boards

The Kennedy Keep Sake board is a bright one. It's a 7.5

The Jensen Love Hate board is available in 7.6 or 8.

The latest Fortuna release is the Baines. It's 7.8

Last but not least is the Shier See All. It's also 7.8. I'm going to repeat myself on a past post but you should drop by here on friday evening to see a new full part from Shier in the latest DVS offering which will be previewing here. Here are the details again

Stick that in your diary and while you're at it turn the page to next week and mark down the 16th! That's a week from today you crazy loons. That is the late date of the next Slam City Skates vs Document night at the Macbeth. More details to follow, ask no more questions. Your task for today is to free up that night and book the next day off work. There are no acts as such this time round but it will be a boozy get together accompanied by tunes courtesy of the usual suspects. I'll let you know exactly who as they are confirmed. Mark Jackson our resident noise bringer is down for sure so get your Biggie boots on and if you feel like dropping in a couple of suggestions as to tracks you'd like to hear they'll be taken on board. See you all there yeah?

It's this guys birthday!!!

Rory enters his twenties today. Happy birthday Rory! You look after yourself ya hear!
Helping Rory celebrate his birthday are Rob and Lev and the boys. He's taking those switch back tails to Kennington. Here's a sequence from the annals again courtesy of David at the Harmony of Mr Rob Dukes having a good day out at Kennington many years ago..

Thought I'd leave you with another image from my travels. An important public notice brought to you by the City of Westminster..

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Will said...

Jake, keep the posts a comin', thats what helps me get through the day! Say hi to all the boys for me, I'm at home sick as a dog. In bed all day everyday. Whooping cough, yikes!