Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The last crusade

I indulged in a little Slam based archaeology yesterday. After a few hours of white spirit induced asphyxiation and finger nail bashing we uncovered the glass beneath many years of sticker application. Now you can look through the door..

Can you believe there was nothing worth saving? Dan asssured us he has one of the OG Slayer logo Slam stickers at home so that may make it's way back to center stage. The back off the door housed Seth's favourite and that is all that remains of the door as it was..

If you look through those freshly uncovered panels of glass in the first picture you'll spy the pillar. This is what's inside it this week, a load of new Fuct shirts..

The Ice Cube one is my favourite. Some more made it in but didn't make the pillar. They have their own cubby hole just next door. Check them out..

They're all pretty good right? You can order them here..

During my bit of digging at the door Henry moved some stuff and uncovered another piece of Slam history, it fell on him in fact. He was inadvertently naused up by the "nause box". I'll introduce you..

Pizzer created it I thought but i've just been informed that it was Mark Jackson. If you spend time in this city regardless of how tolerant you are something will end up nausing you up. You take the thing that has annoyed you, write it on a piece of paper and pop it in the nause box, the idea being that it has been placed in here so as not to clutter up your thoughts anymore. The nause box received heavy use at one time, if I had to put one thing on paper and place it in here today it would be people with umbrellas. I had a look in the nause box, it was intercepted on it's journey to the cylindrical file. Many pieces of nause have been lost but here is what was left in the nause box prior to it being filed forever...R.I.P

I can file my nause on the alley from now on anyhow. Brent who was part of the glue which held the warehouse together has now embarked on a DJ career....

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jimmy p said...

Check the blog every day - nice one.
Just linked you innit.

. said...

smoke it

Greenback said...

Ah man, Jake...why am I in the nause box??? I have been nothing but cool to you! Lame.