Friday, 2 May 2008

Only built for cuban links

Good looking on the links people, much appreciated, any more links are most welcome. Much traffic has come my way thanks to Ben at Sidewalk and you other kind people. Here are some links from me to you. Check these sites out. First up is a blog dedicated to the writing of Dave. Dave was once our anarchist accountant, he's been writing for a while now, if you feel like reading his stuff please pay his blog a visit...

The next place you need to visit is little wednesday. It's a short edit our friend James made featuring thir skate crew. Henry Kingsford who has done a lot of photography for Slam is in the mix. I like the piece of footage which looks like a scene from tron..

You know what I did yesterday? I went to the cinema. This is what I watched..

You're not going to believe me because nobody ever does when it comes to films but it's hilarious, I wasn't even that offended by Russell Brand whose part required him to be a weapon anyway. Good trailers too, Kung Fu panda looks amazing! Mila Kunis is really good in it. Who's Mila Kunis? Are you kidding me? If you've never seen That 70's show rush out and buy the box sets!!

Laugh out loud funny! On the way to the cinema I saw this sticker on the tube attached to a pole. I spied it as the tube pulled in to my destination hence the blur factor on the hit and run.

It says best set of pecs! Made me laugh, here's an ice cream I had on holiday..

What do you call 5 girls with their throats slit?
Girls Halaal'd!

See you tomorrow

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