Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Tim sent me this. I got it this morning, click the link and enter your annual income..

It was in light of my apparent wealth that I invested in a new crib in Leatherhead..

Tim is a bit of a Slam archivist and Historian if you will. More of that later. Here are the DQM hats as promised yesterday..

This is the Lizard one, and the back..

Next up is the Elephant hat..

And the back..

There is a Gator one too..

here's the back..

They did a spiked Polka dot one too..

Back once again..

Come in and check this stuff out. Here is a picture from Tim's vaults. It's funny that the door looked like this three weeks ago and now it's a piece of history..

This is another piece of history, a vintage Slam ad. Going up the wall!

It's David Hopkins' birthday today!

That's one thing to celebrate, a tip of the hat to you Mr Hopkins and a tip of the hat quite literally to my coming evening of entertainment..

Fortune and glory kid, fortune and glory!

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channelzeroprose said...

Ha! That's quality, I used to go to Shanes house in Charlton with a mate and buy the bits of his care packages he didn't want. Beanies and T-shirts for a quid, that kind of thing... good times...