Sunday, 11 May 2008

Media frenzy

Yesterday was a good day. I helped Henry Kingsford out with a shoot for an up coming Slam project, he got some really good shots out there in the sun shine. This was the crew..

Henry behind the lens with Eugene lurking in the background..

Eugene in the model zone..

Nick getting into character..

And relaxed...

The same drill for Jin. Serious model business!..

Then half time jokes...

Jamie has this shot between shots but my lack of diligence with the digi meant there are no model shots just one repping Metallica. You'll have to wait...

Last but not least we have ne of our Swedish friend who's back in town. Gustav plus moustache, plus Slam tee, plus Slam messenger bag. After this I returned to the shop and went on from there to the Nolan's house in wood green. He was comleting the action shots on a short film he's making. Nick came along too, we got there in Steve's new camper van which is off the chain!!! You expect Scooby Doo to come leaping out of it. Steve got the full fire extinguisher treatment. Man of the night was a valiant Dan Callow who took three hefty slams off Steve's bmx. The slam was planned but he fully stunt manned it over the handlebars. I have video evidence, if it gets Callow clearance it may make it onto the alley in the future. Dan has the day off today

Magee and Dom are back now from there trip, here's Dan following Lebron..

Photo credit goes out to Burt Reynolds AKA Big Marley AKA Dom Reynolds.

Mr Young is still in NYC and kindly sent me some flicks..

For some reason this reminds me of Home Alone 2. We have a Michael J Fox report!...

And we leave you at sunset..


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