Sunday, 4 May 2008

Straight from the Shaolin slums...

...Rory, Steph and Lucien strike again. They are still on their American excursion and have been in New York of late. Word has reached us that Lucien has been killing it and that Rory has been bribed into filming lines, the reward for this being allowed to attend that evening's party. Rory is in the new Kingpin!

It's a sick frontside flip photo courtesy of Marley G the Villain. The mag is on sale here now, it's got a really good review of Baghead Flats in it which is sold out now but soon to return. You want to see some photos of the boys in NYC? One of the boys hosts Tia sent these..

Think this must have been taken whilst they were in New York.

Rory on one of his lady killing missions

The sickest cakes I've ever seen. Oscar the Grouch is pure role model material. Ever seen the Dave Chappelle skit about Sesame street? Why are you so grumpy Oscar? Errr.....he lives in a trash can! He discusses Snuffalupagus being smacked out too, funny stuff.

Lucien with cookie monster and Elmo.

Lucien's catalogue steez.

A tired Ror.......


The crew with Rory getting his hug on. He's hugging Chris Mulhern who put in some time here last year. Have you seen his video?

You should, you can order it here...

Why he insists on making his roll ups so big I'll never know. Did you ever watch Dogtanian and the three muska hounds? This made me laugh..

Just before he left for NYC with Charlie, Dr Thermos sent me this picture..

Missing the Thermos and mister Young, we need updates and tales of Mike Fox!
Not sure if this is funny...

Lost episode nine is back at my domicile, long time coming. Make the most of your bank holiday!

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