Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Gorilla-gram a go go!

Jackson got a gorilla-gram on his birthday, a tradition Tolley started. An arrangement was made for one to make it's way over to Dan but days got shifted and the plans never came to fruition. Neil from duffer made it happen today. Here's the initial surprise..

And here's the banana hand over...

Neil likes to call Dan Jean Claude..

Neil has had a heavy presence on the alley of late, I hope he keeps it up. I'm sure news will flood in of horrific luncheons in the near future. It's good to keep Charlie abreast of his movements if he checks in here from over the water. Imagine his surprise when he finds that the alley has sent ninja spies to NYC to pap snap him, Rob and M J Fox at the deathbowl to Downtown premiere..

Hope the boys are happy over there. One individual we have missed here popped up in a new DVD we got in today. Channon King has a part in Never Forever...

It's five pounds and we have ten of them. Russel Cowling made it, come by and pick one up or give us a call. The names on the back are Steve Bailey, Channon King, David Dixon, Russel Cowling, Ben Sutcliff, Dave Watson, Simon Skipp, Veran Tull, Jay Tate, Will Thomson, James Caten and Sandy.
We stock Stussy again! It looks good on the rail..

Summer colour in the house, it's peppered with flavour pieces..

And some made it's way into the little show case boxes..

The pillar has a Nike and Stussy re-vamp..

Jackson is beavering away downstairs uploading all of the new stock onto our online shop so check back in on there in the future or call us if you want to order any of it. The new tees look really good and there are some good light weight summer jackets.

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