Sunday, 25 May 2008

Rather Ripped..

The familiar sounds of Luigi's favourite Sonic Youth album are on right now. By all accounts it's a fairly quiet sunday in town. We saw our friend Chrispin's band last night. They are called..

The night we went to was called..

There was a dance troupe running around dressed as beavers, gnawing on sticks with fake buck teeth. The penetrator's are really good. Check them out..

Rob and Charlie brought us back some amazing stuff from NY. I got this Harold Hunter tee Zoo York made. This is the front..

And this is the arm..

They celebrated Harold Hunter day when they were there. You can read more about it here..

Another gift was this sticker..

There's more evidence of Harold Hunter day on Billy's blog. Good footage too, Charlie saw these nuts hanging around all over the city. This is the blog..

The Coda video came back with Rob too, you should come in and give it a watch. If you ever managed to watch the Death wish video which was floating around on the message boards you'll know a bit about this new Baker project which is being repped and distributed in this country in the immediate future by..

..all time good lads Louie slater and Martin Kennelly. These boys have been back in London town gathering footage for Martin's forthcoming video. Louie was laying it down yesterday apparently. Check out the distribution they've started up..

Do you remember when we used to put top five skateboarders up on the site. Different peoples lists would make the front page every now and again. Each skater would have a video part posted for you to watch. I've gathered the info from Yap just now, it didn't take him long. Now that it's busy in here there's no chance of posting the videos so I pass the baton to you Mr Jackson..

Je te souhaite un bon week-end

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