Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Talking about the weather..

Got caught in a thunderstorm last night!

Hopefully the weather will be better in the morning so we can get a skate in. We checked out a good restaurant round the back of Carnaby st last night called Cha Cha Moon, it's £3.50 a meal right now and it's on Ganton st/ in Kingley court so get down there. I had the Singapore noodles which were pretty good. More new food establishment news to follow. New Nike SB product is's the caps..

By the time you read this all the new SB product will be up on the news and available online. I hunted around all this morning for a picture Rob drew of all the old Slam staff. I couldn't find it but I did find this...

It's the album you've been looking for! Check out the flicks on the back..

As well as finding this I uncovered this piece of classic Wax!

The boss! We're going to see him on friday night and it's going to be incredible! Whilst looking for Rob's picture I found one of my own..

It's a canvas I did ages ago of people I like and have influenced me. I accept cash or paypal if there are any offers. Limited edition one of one. It could be signed and numbered too. No takers? Okay moving on... The new food joint on the corner. Here's the menu..

Wanted to go for the energiser smoothie but they were slack on being fully operational..

Sounds good though. Jackson and myself agreed on this being a good breakfast option..

...and if this sucks when I eventually get to have it I may become vegetarian again..

Last off, we have an important piece of point of sale. It could be the best thing we've ever had. Pizzer would be excited. Here it is in slumber mode..

Then Kapow! It's alight with a yank of the chain..

Live nudes. This will be up and brightening your day very soon.

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