Friday, 16 May 2008

Guess who's back!

He's been working away for the last few months and the package he was sent has been festering in the cupboard. Work has ended, Stockwell is nearly finished and he's back on the shredule. That's right mr Howard Cooke!

Board set up and ready to skate. I asked to get a picture of Howard holding his board up. I haven't seen Howard for a while and I forgot about the calamity which follows him around. He snapped the tail to pop his board up and cracked Seth right in the knee. This reminded me of the time we were sat on the stairs at a contest in Switzerland, it happens every year at a stadium in Basel. I was sat on a stair chatting to Howard, Shier was sat on the stair in front of him wearing a brand new white shirt. Howard had just got a coffee, whilst talking to me and for no apparent reason he tweaked out. It was a "someone just walked over my grave" type of shudder. His arms jogged about and he threw a whole cup of coffee all over Shier's back. Shier wasn't too stoked but had a new shirt in his bag. That was a funny trip. This is the board he set up..

It's good Howard is shredding this summer not that he hasn't been just that he is off the radar occasionally. Here is some on the radar evidence from not so long ago..

All the boards in this series are available, our Power order is straight on the wall..

As well as all the new Heroin boards we have new Landscape decks. The new Snowy stone roses board is sick as are the new series designed by our leafy pal Toby Shuall..

Henry's been digging in the crates and has unveiled a serious grip of old photos to bring you over the next few weeks. This is a fairly Heroin heavy post, Lou Reed would be proud. Linking that with one of Henry's gems here is Heroin am Chris Ault..

...and Rob's addition to the flick lurks in the windows background, a response to the on going beef the two have. Ault took it out on Rob with full page coverage featuring a home made sticker, now Rob's bit of craft has a stage. If you're in this weekend to pick up a Slam tee they have been carefully tidied by Dan and we'll be able to grab your size at lightning speed, check out his job, sterling work...

Have a good weekend, see you in here or out in the field. Over and out.

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