Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Yo Ghost, Yo Ray!

Last night's show was impressive. Almost as impressive as the show was the turn out.....too many names to mention, serious Fairfield's militia, Sheff crew for the chef, Jagger, Bagnell-amazing! It was heaving in there. This is the only flick I got..

Martin got his Wu towel signed by Raekwon! We were literally whisked away in Doc Emmet Brown's Delorean at 88 miles an hour to 1995 then dropped back a couple of hours later in 2008. Sorry if you missed it.
DQM showed up today. Yap got through his breakfast of champions which might be rivalling Neil's healthy options just less heavy weight...

...then he was up and modeling the Dave's Quality Meats merchandise. First up his pick, the freebird shirt..

Gotta love Lynyrd Skynyrd, it has a piece of the chorus on the back..

It's also available in black..

These shirts came too..

And these..

The shirts are all £29.95 We have New era's in too, I'll post pictures tomorrow. They are all £34.95. Like Huf this stuff is available in store only. 176 is keeping the pillar fresh..

The shirts look real good, you can buy them online or in here. Joey dropped by today to set up his new board..

The psychedelic piece is sick, you'll be able to get yours here by the end of the month.

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