Friday, 30 May 2008

In the day we sweat it out in the streets...

These wonderful human beings will be providing my entertainment this evening. Not that excited, it's only going to be the best night ever. I won't harp on but once I've finished this post i'm going to slip Magic into the stereo and slide off to the Emirates to worship at Springsteen's church of Rock n Roll. The godfather of soul is gonna be blowing his sax, anyway....
We have banging boards in for the weekend, wanna see?

We have these new Harmony boards which look good together.

New Alien, Habitat and Chocolate boards make it all a little more interesting.

Sick new Girl boards and Fully Flared back in. Did I mention I was going to see this guy tonight?

Previous set lists look more than promising. One Australian who left his footprint on skateboarding in this city, he did this, he did that, did you hear what he did ?.. is Andrew Brophy. He was back all too briefly..

The word is that his Cliche part is going to be off the chain. Brophy is back on tour then back to Oz. One of his country folk remains firmly here..

No not Will H.H.H Harmon but the man hugging him. It's Brabs! This is a photo of the two of them lurking outside last nights document night which was a good time. Brabs ( Paul Brabanec ) has done a series of Cliche boards. They too are on the wall and looking good, check them out..

We all had this for lunch today..

Some other boards of interest are these two Stevie Williams boards and a Rob Welsh!

The Welsh crack pigeon glows in the dark! That's what I'm talking about. Magic is on the wireless, tomorrow is a million miles away and tonight we witness a legend, I feel a little sick and very happy..

Enjoy your evening I know I will.

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