Sunday, 18 May 2008

Incarcerated Scarfaces

Spent some time in Garlic n Shots last night. Lev, Stu and myself were drinking a shot called Tony Montana. No idea what it contained but it was good stuff. The title of the post reminded me we were drinking shots, "look at the Pelican, the Pelican". The Wu Gambino inspired title of todays post is in honour of tomorrow nights entertainment. Get yourself here by hook or by crook

Only built for Cuban Links! Once in a lifetime! Rae and ghost in London! There's gonna be some Tim boots stomping tomorrow night. From what I have gathered there is going to be a sizeable crew in attendance and I can't wait. It's almost made me forget about the cretin who thought it was a good idea to sock me in the eye last night. A completely un-provoked attack. Some people will live and die without fully functioning brains. Hopefully he won't breed any time soon. Maybe a fire door will fall on him.
I was sent this clip of a freeze in New York, organised confusion...

I might start doing this at work. Enjoy the end of your weekend.

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