Friday, 23 May 2008

The wanderers return...

Charlie and Rob made it back this morning. Charlie must have had a lot on because I just got this in the mail. It's Michael J Panday...

A new addition to our board wall this weekend are these three 5boro boards. They complement the Shut boards. Another legit East coast board company sitting on the wall. The boards look like this..

Wes from out of step interviewed Steve Rodriguez recently for Crossfire if you're wondering about 5boro. Check it out here..

We have other new boards on the wall for the weekend, these three Stereo ones..

Gustav dropped by and I wanted to get a picture of his sticker job, something which cause Seth much mirth back in the day. An old Gustav sticker job would involve symmetrical placement, nose and tail style. There was no sticker job at all but good lad Gustav was rocking a Slam board so I took a photo to document the lack of a sticker job..

The photo wasn't up to scratch so we took another with flash, revealing...

...a subliminal gimp. Helicar's work uncovered! There are cruiser's in for bank holiday adventurers too. This big Stereo 15 years one..

There's a bizarre little fella too. Agent LT73 is backing this one..

We have some Diamond goodies in too..

Hella Slick wax is £3.95 and the bolts are £3.50. You get a magic extra bolt with these and an allen key and a sick little diamond spanner and a sticker. These are worth it for the spanner alone. Yap once again is taking food horror to the limit and giving Neil a run for his money..

The old chicken dinner, admirable. Planned to skate yesterday but it never happened. Hopefully get to skate this weekend. Yesterday I sought my excitement elsewhere..

Auf Wiedersehen!

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