Friday, 9 May 2008


It's our web masters birthday today, he is *@ years old!

He celebrated his birthday out in the Kingston, I was still out in the middle of the countryside, I'll tell you about that later.
It's good when you see what people have been up to when you haven't seen them for a bit, here's Shier's ad on the inside pages of Sugar..

My photography skills make it a teaser too, the main frame gets clipped by my Samsung's flash action. Notice the macro function is now in full effect though. Another man in the field is Andrew Brophy. Haven't seen that much of him you say! Flick through the new fourstar catalogue and you'll catch...

Model shots!..

Skate photo's! Typical lazy Brophy though, settling for any old edge when he could have gone out and found a high one. This is on the first page, the last is him and the crew...

There's some hill bombing in there and a good Gonz photo, ask to have a look next time you're in here. We have some good fourstar stuff on the way. We'll post it up as soon as it comes in. The kind people at Revival sent us a good box of promo stuff, thanks a lot. The waller jacket is going to get some summer time use. I think Dr Thermos is good for shorts too.
Yesterday was a write off in my mind when I woke up, hayfever etc. Once medicated the day began to get better and better. I was picked up by John and Tom and whisked away into the countryside to an undisclosed location outside of Brands Hatch. This was my third visit and possibly the best. It's a skate park next to a library and headquarters of Team Dennis..

Team Dennis is the brain child of Robert Grace and John Laidlow. John explained the basic ethos to me yesterday, Team Dennis is dedicated to fun and progression away from a competitive climate. It has a few core members and yesterday had an accompanying bongo section. Steve and myself and Tom are proud to be friends of Team Dennis and I look forward to another Dennis themed shred in the future. Look out for John doing some stunt driving in the next Kingpin in his whip Luigi to the displeasure of a soggy Jody Smith. I think Team Dennis excursions are planned for the future to destinations further afield but for the forseeable future Dennis is keeping it..

Loads of new blueprint stuff in this weekend if you need a board. Have a good weekend.

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