Tuesday, 27 May 2008


The 176 site is under construction so you should check it out once it's fully operational. There's a sick collage there right now if you're eager, I'll give you the heads up when it's done. To have a look visit here..


. For now here's some 176 related pictures..

Shier and Seth, probably muling over a lunch choice or skate spot. If you haven't seen Shier's part in Dudes Dudes Dudes you are slipping. Source it and watch it because it's sick. It's free with this months Sidewalk, Brophy, Baines and Lucien feature too. If you can't find one come in here and we'll watch it with you. The man in the blue hat has dropped a load of new designs and we have them in store. If you missed them on our news page here's a little reminder..

This number 1 shirt has been popular and comes in white and black. This is the back print..

This eggplant coloured logo shirt reminds me of the bottom of one of Seth's boards. This is the front..

...and this is the back

This next one is inspired by the Morrissey track "I am hated for loving" from the album Vauxhall and I. The front print says I am hated for loving..

...and the back print says.

We still have some of Seth's old shut up and shred shirts in. All of these are available here,,


Seth is going to be playing some music this thursday coming along with the usual reprobates and DJ Hogs too, as long as at least one of them plays "I think we're alone now" it's all good. This is where you need to be..

Very soon Joey Pressey will be doing backside nose blunts with his name spinning on his wheels.

They're going to be 52 mm and they're going to look like this..

Joey's Landscape colleague Soy Panday had a shock when he turned up to meet Rob a while ago. They must have been sharing a brain. Rob came to London from Molesy and Soy travelled in from the East only to find they were dressed identically. Being dressed identically is one thing, these two had even employed the same sweater toss..


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